Peter started off as a young music promoter in the late 80's. "Do it yourself" was an early ethos that he had adopted and with this he made his first flyers using scissors, a glue stick, magazines and copy machine in which to promote alternative music clubs and punk shows from Queens to Manhattan.

It was by chance he met a promoter at a copy shop who invited him down to Liquid Sky Designs and introduced him to the crew there, it was his introduction to Electronic Music Dance culture - the early rave scene. In this new scene he got involved and helped found one of the largest EDM promotion companies on the east coast - Stuck on Earth.

During this time he started to do graphics, learned about composition and played around taking pictures with an old 35mm Canon AE-1. The camera became a secondary thought as Peter then became a house music dj, helped start a record label, a marketing company and eventually his own urban clothing line. It was by chance that another dj reintroduced him to photography in it's new digital form.

Starting off with Street Photography he got a lucky break through a friend and was brought on set to help assist with stills on a few independent film shoots and a couple of national ad campaigns. At the current time Peter freelances and is the in-house photographer for the Abreu Rios fashion house.

Pikture is a Peter B. Evangelista Project.